Saturday, January 07, 2006

Epiphany Greetings ,

I wanted to send this long over due greeting with a report that our regular email address will be suspended for the next three months while Donna and I travel to East Kerala, India from January 15 – April 11, 2006.

Our email while in India will be: (for personal email – no work related stuff please). If you would like to receive emails with reports from our trip send me an email at the yahoo address and we’ll include you.

We will also attempt to post pictures and journal entries on this blog site:

You don’t have to sign up to read the site but please fell free to sign up and write something (its free and easy- you’ll see a spot that says “create a blog” and you can sign up from there on our sit – you don’t have to actually make a blog yourself.)

So, if it’s been a while you may be wondering what we are doing. I am taking a sabbatical and Donna has taken a leave of absence from her position with Kirkhaven where she has been director of Admissions.

We will be guests of the East Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India. I will be providing continuing education for the clergy in the Diocese in the areas of Biblical Studies, Preaching, and Pastoral Care. Donna will work in the area of Pastoral Care and music.

East Kerala is on the south west tip of India about 500 miles south of Mumbai ( Bombay and about 200 miles west of Madras. The temperature in the winter season will average 80 degrees f.

Other news:

Kyle: is living in Schenectady New York working at two churches and planning to go to seminary in the fall. He will be our contact person while we are away: 585-943-2517

Taylor: is hiking in the Andes Mountains and doesn’t return until after we leave! He will graduate from the college of Wooster in May and will be teaching in the South Bronx NY with teach for America beginning in the summer. We hope his girl friend Tiffany White will be able to join him there. 585-943-9228

Hillary is in her first year at Hope College 585-943-2517

Stay in touch,

Harold and Donna


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