Saturday, January 07, 2006


From our hosts Abraham and Annie:

Dearest Donna,
Thank you very much for all the queries. I am very happy to reply for all your questions. I had actually thought of replying before X'mas. But due to Carol programmes I couldn't. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed x mas with your Children. Our Children also were with us. Thanks for the lovely photoes you sent.

About the household things for your stay here, you need not bring any items from there. All items you asked by email are available here. Medicine also available with in half Km. Your stay is in the newly built guest house adjacent to Bishop's house. You can make any change in the arrangements according to your interest. If you want to cook there is a separate kichen and dining room for guest room . As you are the only guest you can fully make use of that facility.
As you come on 15th Jan.,just after your arrival, we can go for purchase of essentials on 16th itself . I shall be with you to offer any help. please feel that you are not in a lonely land. If you like I welcome you and Harold to share fellowship with us in our home. Our house is open to you both always.

We donot have a Piano here. But Key board ( Church organ ) is available.

Thank you both for coming to our village area. I am sure that you both will like this place and the ministry here.
May God bless you both and you service here.

Kindly let us know the place, Date &time of your arrival with flight details. We will come to the airport to receive you. So please send me the details.
Loving Annie.


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