Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hi everyone!
We just returned from a wonderful week in Goa! It was our only week of being totally alone and having a chance to catch up on some much needed rest. To visit Goa alone is really not to fully experience India. Goa is really only known for it’s beaches. If you look on a map you will see that Goa is actually only a very tiny state on the western coast of India. We stayed at Colva Beach which is pretty much right in the middle of the state. We only wished we had spent more time there! Our hotel was very nice, at least by India standards. The beach was relatively quiet as this is the end of their tourist season. We met many tourists generally from Germany and England. We seemed to have been the only Americans! Flights from Europe are fairly reasonable and we found that people travel from there to Goa fairly frequently. If one can afford to fly to Goa, everything else is really cheap. Our hotel room really only ended up being around $40/night!

We started each morning early with a walk along the beach. Then we would have breakfast and head to the beach. We spent every day, all day, under bamboo umbrellas hanging out on lounge chairs and being waited on hand and foot by very friendly staff of a bamboo hut “restaurant” right on the beach in front of our hotel. Goa is known for their wonderful seafood so dined on that most every night. Goa was influenced by the Portuguese so we enjoyed some many different flavors, still quite spicy though! We swam all day in the Arabian Sea ~ unbelievably warm and clear! We arrived early Monday morning and headed straight to the beach. Our first swim in the sea was with dolphin! They were so beautiful arching out of the water! And the sunsets!!! Magnificent! Harold took photos of every single one, each one being more beautiful than the last! Our “restaurant” hut set tables out every evening right at the edge of the sea with candlelight which is where we had our dinners. Very romantic! The week could not have been better! A perfect second honeymoon!

We are now back at the Bishop’s House and cannot believe we head home in just 16 days! The time has really flown by. While our emotions are quite mixed about leaving this place, we do look forward to being back with all of you. It will be a wonderful Easter celebration!

~Donna and Harold


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