Saturday, February 18, 2006

Well here are alot of pictures from the last couple of weeks. Please bear with the typos since Harold did the postings. We are now off to Jaipur, Agra and Delhi and will not be available to post for at least the next 10 days. We are both very healthy and having a wonderful time. We think we have finally adjusted to things physically and spiritually. We have come to deeply love these brothers and sisters. They are such gracious hosts. There is a deep spirituality and devotion here and we are still struck by the complete sense of joy. We did observe one church conflict recently and were also impressed with how graciously they handled it.

Donna and I have had a wonderful time together and have kept our commitment to daily prayer together. We have found this time to be a true renewal of our relationship and have been amazed with how well we can live together 24/7.

If we could be sure the power of phone lines wouldn't go out I would arrange these entries differently but as it is you really need to scroll down to were you left off to get the flow of things.

Well, the Bishop's wife just called me to lunch so bye for now - our love to you all.



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